Mural painting: Byzantine-Ruthenian frescoes in Lublin

by Arūnas
Kaplica Trójcy Świętej
The Byzantine-Ruthenian frescoes of the Chapel of the Holy Trinity in Lublin are the most impressive and best-preserved wall paintings of this kind in Poland.

The Gothic Holy Trinity Chapel at the Castle in Lublin was erected in the 14th century. Its interior has unique and ancient polychromy painted in the technique of Byzantine frescoes. The polychromy was commissioned by Jogaila, Grand Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland, in the late 14th century and painted by a group of three Ruthenians, each of different artistic origin, exhibiting three main individual styles: narrative (Andrzej), hieratic-iconic (Kuryl), and archaizing (Juszko) mannerisms.

Created by placing natural pigments (lime, azurite, malachite, charcoal, and iron clay) mixed with water on fresh plaster, the frescoes were completed at the beginning of the 15th century and are preserved to this day. At the end of the 19th century, they were discovered under a layer of plaster by the Polish painter Josef Smolinski.

The Gothic Chapel of the Holy Trinity is a gem. Its Byzantine-Ruthenian frescoes made a big impression on me as they looked amazing, even a bit mystical, I have never seen this kind of art before. Interestingly, the chapel is the only one in the world to combine both Byzantine and Gothic styles. It is a truly impressive sight that should not be missed when in Lublin.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Useful information

Zamkowa 9
20-117, Lublin

09:00–17:30 (every day, except Monday).

15 PLN (full), 10 PLN (reduced).

Lublin map

The Chapel of the Holy Trinity with its historic frescoes is located in the courtyard of Lublin Castle, southeast Poland; it is an integral part of the museum of the castle complex.

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