Italian frozen dessert: Gelato

by Arūnas
Italiano frozen dessert: Gelato
Gelato is an Italian frozen dessert made with a base of milk, cream, and sugar and flavored with fruit and nut purees and other flavorings. It is an inexpensive culinary souvenir and edible piece of Italian culture, very refreshing during the hot summers in Italy.

While ice cream is made with cream and must have at least a 10% fat content, gelato is made with mostly milk, so it is lower (4–8%) in fat, smoother and silkier as well as denser and more elastic and fluid. It also uses far fewer egg yolks than ice cream, in some cases, none at all.

This delicious frozen dessert is served 10 to 15 degrees warmer than ice cream therefore your mouth does not get cold and you can taste the flavors better. It has 20 to 30 percent air, while ice cream can contain 50 percent or more air churned into it.

I can not imagine my vacation in Italy without pizza and gelato. There is not a single Italian city where gelato can not be bought, and it has thousands of flavors! My most favorite gelato: “Nocciola” (Hazelnut), “Pistacchio” (Pistachio), and “Cioccolato Fondente Extra Noir” (Extra Dark Chocolate).

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