Jewish Restaurant Anatewka in Lodz

by Arūnas
Jewish interior
The décor of Anatewka brings to mind a warm atmosphere of an early 20th-century bourgeois home and it has that certain something that Lodz of olden times had. The interior is convivial, and the dining experience is rounded off with live music some nights.

History of the Jews in Lodz

Lodz held one of the largest Jewish communities in Europe, second only to Warsaw. Before World War II, one-third of the 650,000 inhabitants of the city were Jewish. 

In 1806, Lodz joined the Napoleonic Duchy of Warsaw and two years later it was home to over 400 people, almost 60 of whom were Jews. The first (wooden) synagogue was built in Wolborska street in 1809.

At the end of the 19th century, more than 1/3 of manufactures were in the hands of Jewish industrialists (one of them was Izrael Poznanski). Lodz attracted Jews from throughout Poland, also Lithuania, Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia, therefore, the city’s Jewish population increased from about 10,000 in 1873 to nearly 100,000 in 1897.

Jewish Lodz
Wall fresco by the Polish artist Krzysztof Jaskiewicz (2000) showing daily scenes of pre-war Lodz

During the first six months of the Second World War, more than 70,000 Jews left Lodz. In 1940, the Lodz ghetto was established and about 200,000 Jews were forced to live in the ghetto; the majority of them were later sent to the death camps. About 43,000 victims from the ghetto, who died from hunger and consumption, are buried in the New Jewish Cemetery. In 1950, Lodz had fewer than 15,000 Jews. Its Jewish community now numbers only 400.

Anatewka restaurant

Located in the middle of Lodz, a city created in the middle of nowhere mostly by the efforts of Polish Jewish businessmen, Anatewka is serving the highest quality of Jewish Polish food in the cozy atmosphere of grandmother’s house.

This restaurant is superb – the decor is very authentic and beautiful and the menu has a really good variety of very affordable dishes. As a vegetarian, I had a good amount of things to choose from, too, and the portion sizes were very good. If I only have another chance to visit Lodz I will come back to this very special place.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Useful information
ul. 6 Sierpnia 2/4
90–422, Lodz

11:00–02:00 (Monday to Sunday)

Lodz map

Anatewka restaurant is located in the city center of Lodz, central Poland, just a minute walk away from the famous Piotrkowska Street.

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