Jewish Restaurant Mandragora in Lublin

by Arūnas
Żydowska Restauracja Mandragora
Jewish-style restaurant Mandragora in Lublin offers a very colorful and intimate atmosphere full of warmth and aroma of klezmer music together with the smell of Jewish dishes. Many of the ingredients and served wines are specially imported from Israel and are certified as kosher.

From the Middle Ages, Jews made up a significant part of the community of Lublin where they established the Talmudic Academy and a Hebrew printing house in the 16th century. The city was also an important center of Hasidic Judaism – a mystical branch of Judaism.

The restaurant serves as an unlikely echo of prewar Lublin, known before the Holocaust as “the Jerusalem of Poland” because of its 40,000 Jewish residents.

A rustic, old-timey feel with lots of touches of the symbols of Judaism: gorgeous antique menorahs, hand-painted drawings, elaborate candlesticks, and crocheted table cloths… Worth a visit when you are in Lublin.

Rating: 5 out of 5.
Useful information
ul. Rynek 10
20–112, Lublin

12:00–21:00 (Monday to Sunday)

Lublin map

Mandragora restaurant is located in the historical center of Lublin, eastern Poland. The center is one of Poland’s official national historic monuments.

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