Exploring Italy: Mestre in Veneto

by Arūnas
Exploring Italy
Mestre – once a city, but today – one of the areas of Venice, is considered the main “gateway” to the most romantic place in the world. In addition to charming parks, tourists are attracted by its historical center, which is still decorated with architectural monuments that have survived more than one century.

The earliest surviving reference to Mestre was found in an Imperial diploma by Otto III, written at the end of the 10th century. In the 14th century, commercial traffic between Metre and Venice had become so important that an artificial canal was built, the Canal Salso, in which the lagoon reaches the heart of the town. At the beginning of the 20th century, Mestre was absorbed into the commune of Venice, losing separate status as a city.

After World War II, Mestre experienced a period of rapid urban growth and became a large urban area along with other urban centers on the Venetian mainland: Marghera and Favaro Veneto.

Useful information about Mestre

Exploring Italy: Mestre in Veneto

Area: 14.25 km² / 5,500 sq miles

Elevation: 2 meters / 7 feet

Coordinates: 45° 49′ 43″ N, 12° 24′ 19″ E

Region: Veneto

Population: ~175,000

Currency: €

Languages: Italian, Venetian

Mestre map

Mestre is located 9 km (5.5 mi) north of Venice, northeastern Italy. It is one of the six boroughs of Venice, connected to the historical center by the 20-century bridge “Ponte della Libertà” (Bridge of Liberty) over the lagoon, and constitutes the main center of the Venetian mainland.

Where to stay: Best Hotels in Mestre, Italy

I visited Mestre just for one day, and this mainland borough of Venice was the last stop in Italy on the way home. After I visited Naples, Rome, and the island of Venice, of course, Mestre could not have made a big impression on me. But I liked it because any historic town has something to offer travelers, and Mestre is no exception. Beautiful churches, delicious gelato, a glass of tasty white homemade wine in a small cafe, wonderful weather, small tourist flows, interesting trams … All this makes Mestre cozy and unforgettable.

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