Gothic Cathedral of the Assumption of Mary in Naples

by Arūnas
Duomo di Napoli

Naples Cathedral (Italian: Duomo di Napoli), or the Cathedral of the Assumption of St. Mary, is the main Roman Catholic church of the city of Naples, in Campania, southern Italy.

Five interesting facts about the cathedral:

  • It was built in the Gothic style between the 13th and 14th centuries. Unfortunately, the building has been damaged by earthquakes and rebuilt several times, so it also has details of Baroque, Renaissance, and Neo-Gothic architecture.
  • The hall has 16 pillars that incorporate more than 100 classical granite columns from Africa.
  • The Neo-Gothic facade was created in the late 19th century according to the design of the Neapolitan architect Errico Alvino (1809–1872).
  • Extending from the left side of the nave is the 4th-century Basilica di Santa Restituta, the oldest chapel in Naples.
  • It houses a vial of the blood of St. Januarius, which is believed by the faithful to liquefy miraculously three times a year.

Januarius (272–305/Italy), a Christian martyr and saint in both the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, is the patron of Naples.

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Naples Cathedral Pictures

Naples Cathedral, Italy
The main facade of Naples Cathedral
Naples Cathedral, Italy
The ceiling of the nave is decorated with gilt and paintings (17th century)
Duomo di Napoli
The stunning interior of Naples Cathedral
Naples Cathedral, Italy
The Succorpo Chapel represents a nice example of Renaissance style, realized by the Italian sculptor Tommaso Malvito (?–1508)
Duomo di Napoli
Marble ceiling of the Succorpo Chapel
Naples Cathedral, Italy
The interior, with a Latin cross plan, consists of a hall divided into three naves with side chapels
Naples Cathedral, Italy
The high altar of Naples Cathedral

Address: Via Duomo, 147, 80138 Naples, Italy

Website: Chiesa di Napoli

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