Exploring France: The Town of Puteaux

by Arūnas
Exploring France: A photo walk in Puteaux

Puteaux is a nice town in the administrative region of Île-de-France, in the department of Hauts-de-Seine, just west of Paris, located on the west bank of the Seine River. Its territory includes the whole of the island of Puteaux crossed by the bridge of the same name.

Puteaux was established by the French abbot Suger in the 12th century. The name came from puteoli, a Latin term meaning “little well”, or “water hall”. The first chapel was build here in 1509. In 1698, the 3rd duke of Gramont Antoine IV Charles built a residence in the town to get away from the court. In 1835, the Italian opera composer Vincenzo Bellini composed here his last masterpiece, I puritani.

Puteaux Map

Puteaux Pictures

Exploring France: A photo walk in Puteaux
Rue de l’Oasis
Exploring France: A photo walk in Puteaux
Rue des Pavillons
Exploring France: A photo walk in Puteaux
Rue Rousselle
La Défense business district
La Défense is considered the largest business center in Europe

Two-third of the territory of modern business and residential quarter La Défense with its emblematic buildings – the Grande Arche, the Center for New Industries and Technologies, and the Les Quatre Temps shopping center – is located within the commune.

Official website: Puteaux

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