Picturesque Slovenian scenery: Sava River

by Arūnas
Picturesque Slovenian scenery: Sava River
The Sava is the longest river in Slovenia. Its total length is 947 km (588 mi), of which 221 km (137 mi) belong to the country and 4 km (2.5 mi) draw a line between Slovenia and Croatia.

Being the right tributary of the Danube, the river connects four countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia) and three national capitals (Ljubljana, Zagreb, and Belgrad), also forms the northern border of the Balkan Peninsula and the southern edge of the Pannonian Plain.

The Sava River originates in the Julian Alps near the Slovenia-Austria border, at the confluence of two rivers, Sava Dolinka and Sava Bohinjska, and flows into the Danube within Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

The Sava River is the longest tributary of the Danube, one of the largest rivers in Europe, and almost the only waterway of this volume that does not flow directly into the sea. For a considerable length, the river is navigable for large ships, which means that for a long time it was one of the main transport arteries of Europe, comparable in importance to rivers such as the Rhine or Elbe.

Slovenia map

Slovenia is located in the Alpine-Danube region, in Southern Europe. There are four main geographical regions: in the north-west, there are the Alps (occupying 42% of the territory), in the north-east – the Pannonian lowland (28%), in the south – the Dinaric highlands (21%), and in the west is the Mediterranean coast (9 %).

I saw the Sava River and the beauty of its scenery through a large window when I was traveling by train in the morning from Ljubljana to Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. The green hills were surrounded by white soft clouds, and small Slovenian villages and towns were still sleepy comfortably, reflected in the calm waters of the river. It was incredibly beautiful! I would highly recommend this train journey to you and hope to one day do this again.

View of the Sava and the town of Krško through the train window

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